Terms of Use

Status as of July 1, 2011

Terms of Use

These Terms of Use apply to users of the Moodle course management system at the Ulm University und can be viewed anytime online under the menu item "Terms of Use".

Moodle users must comply with the current library regulations by kiz (PDF, german).

Kiz is entitled to change any part of these Terms of Use at any time. Such changes shall come into effect as soon they have been posted online by kiz. Users will be notified of any changes in the Terms of Use when they log in to Moodle and must then confirm acceptance in order to access Moodle.

Authorized Users

Only members of the Ulm University may use Moodle. Other users may be granted permission to use Moodle under the conditions stipulated in kiz’s library regulations and §28 Abs.1 S.3 LHG (University Law of the State of Baden-Württemberg).

Creating and Deleting Accounts

University members are authorized to create their own Moodle account. To create an account, you must have a Ulm University kiz account. When you log in to Moodle for the first time, a Moodle account will automatically be created for you.

If you are no longer authorized to use the services provided by kiz, your Moodle account will be deleted. At any time you may request kiz to delete your account.

Personal Account

A Moodle account is a personal account. Each person may only have one account. The personal information in your user profile must be true. In individual cases, kiz reserves the right to verify this information.

Privacy Policy

User Profile

To create a Moodle account, your first and last name, your e-mail address and a username is needed. When registering for the first time, this information is automatically imported from your kiz account and will be updated regularly.

Beyond that, your user status (student or employee) as well as your course of studies or respectively your department is automatically imported from your kiz account and will be updated regularly.

You will not be able to update this information in Moodle.
If you voluntarily add optional information to your user profile, you may update this information at any time.

Personal Data

Personal data in your user profile about your user status as well as your course of studies or respectively your department is not visible to anyone within Moodle and is used only to automatically build user groups.

Personal data in your user profile about your name, your e-mail address and your username as well as personal data that is produced or contributed when using moodle could potentially be available to other Moodle users (e. g. your course instructors, other students taking these courses, and administrators).

Personal data will be automatically deleted at the latest upon termination of your Moodle account. Contributions made during certain activities, such as the participation in forums, chats, glossaries, and wikis, will remain intact if the deletion of data would result in the loss of context.

You are not permitted to transfer personal data stored in Moodle, including contributions to certain activities, to other computers, servers, or other files which are not a part of Moodle, unless for course-related purposes. In this case, you should make sure that a third party does not have access to this data and be sure to permanently delete the data as soon as it is no longer needed.

Data Communication

Cookies must be enabled to access Moodle.

Communication with Moodle is over an encrypted and authenticated channel.

Course settings have been adjusted to prevent indexing by search engines. Should an instructor choose to allow guest access to a course, then this course can be indexed by search engines.

Commercial use of Moodle’s internal message system is prohibited.

Use of Teaching Materials

The teaching materials available in Moodle are for authorized users only and are not to be passed on to third parties.

Material not associated with teaching, study, research, or work groups may not be inserted into Moodle.

Ulm University, as service operator, is not responsible for the content.


Texts, images and software usually are protected by copyright law.

By uploading information and files into Moodle, the user assures that he is in possession of all corresponding usage rights.

Users agree to observe all copyright laws regarding information and material contributed to Moodle. In particular usage must not violate the exploitation rights (§§15 ff. UrhG [German Copyright Law]) of the rightholders.

Violation of copyright laws may have consequences under civil or criminal law. The user is liable for all demands brought against Ulm University for copyright violations.


Moodle Protocols

Information about every activity in Moodle is collected solely for the following purposes: to troubleshoot, to compile statistics, and to improve teaching activities within the system. The data collected is as follows:

  • Time of the activity
  • The IP address of the computer involved in the activity
  • The user‘s full name
  • The activity and the course involved

Only kiz system administrators have access to these protocols. For statistical or research purposes, anonymous summary reports are compiled and made available to instructors. All Moodle protocols are deleted after 180 days, which is approximately the length of a semester.

Web Server Protocols

Each time you log in to Moodle and each time you access a file, the following data is collected and stored for troubleshooting purposes:

  • Date and time of the request
  • The IP address of the requesting computer
  • The accessed file or address
  • HTTP status code
  • The size of the transmitted file (in bytes)
  • Referer address, if available
  • Browser type, if available

Only kiz system administrators have access to these protocols. Every night the IP addresses are resolved into hostnames and made anonymous with only the last two domain parts remaining. All web server protocols are deleted after 35 days.

System Administration

Kiz system administrators have access to all the stored and real-time data on the system. They may only use this data for certain task-related objectives.

In the event that a system restore is needed, a backup is kept for 60 days. Nevertheless, each user is responsible to keep a personal backup of their data in Moodle. In no case can kiz be held responsible for the loss of data and resulting damages or consequential damages.


If you have any questions about these Terms of Use or Moodle in general, please contact the kiz Helpdesk:

+49 (0)731/50-30000